After teaching elementary school in Texas for three years, Brynn moved to New York and landed a job on the soap opera, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, where she was nominated for best supporting actress. After eight years on the soap, she decided to give the west coast a try. Brynn has worked on many television shows for the last 35 years and is remembered for her co-starring role on MATLOCK, playing Andy Griffith's daughter. Recent theatre credits include her one-woman show, THE EULOGY, (dir. Michael Learned) which she wrote as well as performed. The Los Angeles Times called it, "Sardonic, Funny and Accessible…Thayer's a singular talent in peak form." She followed that with Peter Lefcourt's highly acclaimed, LA RONDE DE LUNCH (dir.Terri Hanauer) and received the Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Comedy from Stage Scene LA. She appeared in the highly acclaimed Beverly Hills Playhouse production of RABBIT HOLE (dir. Allen Barton). WORST DAY, with partner Shahaub Roudbari, has been the creative collaboration you dream about. Brynn recently won Best Screenplay at the 2016 Northern Viginia International Film Festival (NOVA) for WORST DAY #3.


Born in California and Raised in Iran, Shahaub was exposed to rich and diverse cultures and experiences, which in turn shaped his passion for performance and storytelling. Receiving his BA from UC Berkeley and MFA from the Academy of Art, as well as years of training at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Shahaub strives to continually improve upon his skills and knowledge as a performer and Director. His passions also led him to train Martial Arts in China and compete on the US and Iranian National teams to become an international Gold medalist. Shahaub hopes to utilize his passions to inspire and entertain people from every background.





This odd and unusual pairing come together as directors with a singular vision. Shahaub Roudbari, a 30 year old Iranian raised man and Brynn Thayer, a 65 year old Texas raised woman, bring their experience, expertise, and combined passion to the screen. Complimenting one another with their individual perspectives, they have achieved a unique directorial style. Humor is at their core while dealing with the dark and gritty realities of life. A good script is imperative, cinematography is key, actors are everything... the rest they can fix in post.

worst_day_synopsisWORST DAY #1, #2, #3
Being left a virgin on her wedding night, a soap actress willing to marry a bipolar actor to save her job and the morning that was both her best and worst day become the defining moments in a young, impressionable woman’s life. Surviving her three worst days in the late 60’s and 70’s, she is forced to form attitudes about sex, drugs, betrayal and commitment. Her worst days eventually become her best memories. WORST DAY 1-3 has been accepted to numerous film festivals and has garnered nominations for Best Short, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress. WORST DAY #3 is the Winner of Best Screenplay 2016 at Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival (NOVA) and the Award of Excellence at The Best Shorts Competition.


rebecca_zahlerREBECCA ZAHLER - WORST DAY #1, #2, #3
Born and raised in New York City, Rebecca has been acting since she was a child. She went to LaGuardia High School for Music, Art and Performing Arts in NYC (The Fame School), and later went on to get her BA from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has continued mastering her craft at The Beverly Hills Playhouse and The Upright Citizens Brigade. Rebecca is thrilled to be apart of this amazing project! Rebecca was recently nominated for Best Actor in a short for WORST DAY #3 at the 2016 Austin Revolution Film Festival.






aaron_leddickAARON LEDDICK - WORST DAY #1
Aaron has been acting in Los Angeles for the past decade. He loves getting to pursue this career with his beautiful wife at his side and his special pup at his feet. Being a part of the WORST DAY shorts has been a blast for Aaron. It's a group of wonderful people, who, as a result of the film, are all good friends. Aaron has been in multiple short films, including LOST AND FOUND which can currently be seen on his website. He can be seen in the feature film LITTLE BOY set to release early 2015. He's one of the leads in THE UFOLOGIST which is currently in the festival circuit (won the audience award at The Malibu Film Festival). He also had the privilege to perform Shakespeare at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.



jay_blairJAY BLAIR - WORST DAY #2
Jay Blair is a Los Angeles based actor and writer. Recent credits include LOST ALASKA for the Discovery Channel, and a commercial campaign for Microsoft. He optioned his first screenplay, the thriller UNDERCUT, to OIC Productions, and is currently writing his next feature, the romantic comedy ALMOST HERE.





jeremy_radinJEREMY RADIN - WORST DAY #3
Jeremy Radin is an actor and poet living in Los Angeles. He was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, where he began performing in musicals at thirteen because he had a lot of energy and Ritalin wasn't working. Since then, you may have seen him on IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, CSI, ER, CRIMINAL MINDS, VICTORIOUS, Terrence Malick's THE NEW WORLD and WRESTLEMANIAC. Jeremy was nominated at the 2016 Northern Viginia International Film Festival (NOVA) for Best Actor in WORST DAY #3. As a poet, he's been published (or is forthcoming) in numerous journals and he's toured the US with his debut book of poems "Slow Dance with Sasquatch" (Write Bloody Publishing, 2012).





take_careTAKE CARE
Focuses on a sarcastic long term hospital patient and her unique relationship with her favorite nurse. Through humor, the two realize how much they truly care for each other. They have to deal with death and how to go forward in life. Hearing the worst news of your life from the love of your life is complicated.  


Matt was born and raised in Sonoma, CA and started acting at a very young age. He received a business degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Shortly after entering the business world in San Francisco, he realized that his love for acting was not going away so he moved to Los Angeles. Since then, he has been working consistently in TV, Film, and Theatre. He has guest & co-starred on several network television shows and feature films and just finished writing and producing his first short film TAKE CARE under his production company 5 Acre Films. 




After receiving her BA degree in Theatre from California State University Northridge in 2007, Nicole went on to achieve her Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre, Film and Television from California State University Los Angeles. Born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare bone condition that causes small stature and brittle bones, Nicole stands strong at 3 feet 8 inches tall. While growing up, Nicole endured many bone fractures and had to relearn how to walk several times. Nicole won 3 "Best Supporting Actress" awards for her performance in the highly acclaimed independent feature BROKEN DREAMS. In addition to her work as an actress for the stage and screen, Nicole is also a writer and producer. She has formed her own production company, Von Gertz Empire Productions, where several projects are in development; including her own original series LIF IS SHORT and a feature film WELCOME. She toured Shanghai, China with the original experimental dance theatre piece created by J'aime Morrison, HOUDINI'S BOX. Nicole was the only dancer with a physical challenge. Nicole is heavily involved with the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation.line

Winner of the Best Micro Short Drama at the Austin Revolution Film Festival and official entry in the International Film Festival Manhattan NYC; THICKER THAN WATER is about three brothers that come together when their mom dies to divide up her ashes. Past history and wounds never dealt with are issues that surface in the aftermath of the funeral. Surviving childhood with their out of control mom now, they must rely on each other to go forward. They finally realize that brotherhood is a bond not easily broken.


Born in Jamaica Queens and raised in Deer Park, New York. In 2008, Andrew moved to Los Angeles and began studying at the highly acclaimed Beverly Hills Playhouse. Since then, Andrew has appeared in the films such as YANKS directed by Obba Babatunde, THE HOMECOMING directed by Jan Tussing and the hit internet series SPIRITUALITY FOR KIDS. He has also had roles in commercials for LEXUS, TARGET, STATE STREET INVESTMENTS, and BRIGHTHOUSE CABLE. Andrew was nominated for Best Actor in a short for THICKER THAN WATER at the 2016 Austin Revolution Film Festival. Since he began his journey as an actor, it has always been Andrew's goal to inspire others with his art. "Life is short and you have to use your time wisely. Once you focus your energy on a specific goal that is true to your heart, anything is possible." When not working on stage or set, Andrew loves to play basketball, run long distances, freestyle rap and enjoy the California sun.




Is a native of Pasadena.  He was very active in sports growing up.  He played soccer, football, basketball and ran track at a very competitive level.  J.R. went to LA Salle High School, where he excelled in football and track.  He set a school triple jumping record that was untouched for 10 years.  In high school, J.R. also wrote for the school paper and developed his own column “GQ Student of the Month.”  He then went on to Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia.  While at Morehouse, J.R. ran track his freshman year.  He graduated from Morehouse as a theater major in 2003.  Directly after graduation, J.R. began studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, where he studied under Rick Podel, Richard Lawson, Art Cohan, and Allen Barton.  During his time at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, J.R. has found great success as a stage actor.  He has booked several roles on TV and film and many web series.  J.R. has developed a show based around his now favorite sport snowboarding.  It is a competitive challenge based show, which highlights the skill and difficulty of the sport.  Each winter, J.R. volunteers with a non-profit company, USARC in Big Bear, where he works with special needs students teaching them to ski and snowboard.  He also works with Bad Boarderz, a growing company that sponsors up and coming skateboarders, wakeboarders, snowboarders, and surfers. He is on the leadership board at Vista Del Mar, which provides and nurturing environment for kids faced with behavioral and learning challenges.

Aaron has been acting in Los Angeles for the past decade. He loves getting to pursue this career with his beautiful wife at his side and his special pup at his feet. Aaron has been in multiple short films, including LOST AND FOUND which can currently be seen on his website. He can be seen in the feature film LITTLE BOY set to release early 2015. He's one of the leads in THE UFOLOGIST which is currently in the festival circuit (won the audience award at The Malibu Film Festival). He also had the privilege to perform Shakespeare at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


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